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BIRTH SUPPORT                      Fee: $1200 - $1800

My birth doula fee is sliding scale so I can best serve families, their needs and the unpredictable nature of birth. The fee due is determined by clients and may be based on a number of factors: amount of time spent together, level of service provided, degree of satisfaction and the family’s ability to pay for services.

My doula services include:  1-2 prenatal visits to establish our relationship, understand your birth wishes and prepare for the birth and postpartum transition. I am available throughout our relationship, whenever you are seeking resources and support. I am available 24/7 during your due month around your EDD for you and your family as your labor unfolds. I provide continuous support for the entire length of your labor; I am available to answer questions and provide support around lactation and latch coaching,  I also provide birth photos and notes when possible. We schedule 2 postpartum visits to help your family transition and process your birth story.  


TENS UNIT RENTAL                Fee: $35

The Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Unit is an Obi TENS unit created with the pregnant laboring woman in mind. The  TENS Unit is controlled by the laboring mother and has two modes of delivering electrical stimulation, continuous and pulse. In the event you would like to utilize this tool, your health care provider will need to sign a consent form. 

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NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY           Fee: $600

I am a formally trained photographer with experience in studio and event photography.  This offering is a sit down family portrait session with the new babe to capture all those fresh wrinkles and grimaces. Sessions last less than an hour.  Edited digital prints included.