“Caellyn provided professional and personal care every step of the way. Her presence was so important in the process of birthing our son. Caellyn is gentle yet fierce (never pushy) and her wisdom caught me off guard. I'm an introvert at heart but I quickly knew that I can be myself around Caellyn. I can't imagine our birth story without her kind and supporting words and suggestions, without her providing the perfect ambiance with candles and dim lighting in the hospital room, and her energy. Not only did she provide me with all those things and more, she supported my husband throughout the labor, reminding him to eat and take little moments to reenergize. I had the best team in place for my birth and Caellyn was a huge part of it. Thank you Caellyn!” -Sophia

"I have recommended Caellyn to almost all expecting mothers since our working with her. Caellyn has a wonderful balance of confidence and comfort, so you always feel heard and that you will hear a thoughtful response. I can't imagine going through delivery and postpartum period without having her support. " -Jamie


"Caellyn was a lot of help and a big blessing to me and my family!" -Lynette


"If it were not for Caellyn's encouragement and ideas for how to stay active during labor, I would have remained sedentary. She really helped motivate me through the hours I didn't think I would make it through." -Hayley

““I loved Caellyn’s calming, grounding presence. I really appreciated her guidance.” ”

— -Andrew

 “I hired Caellyn for some postpartum help and she was amazing!  She came over with her bag of tricks and tips and helped me understand baby language, breast feeding techniques and positions, and many other things that will make a first time mom's period with her newborn less frustrating and more satisfying, as mama and baby learn to work together in the first few days after birth.  While I was sleeping and without me having to ask, she also did my dishes - how great is that!  I would highly recommend Caellyn to any new mama needing some extra support.” - Ula

"I wanted to put in a word of thanks. Caellyn did a fantastic job! She was professional, friendly, passionate and enthusiastic about her work. Caellyn has a good energy and our typically shy toddler warmed up to her straight away.   The calm and love and attention she showed to our twin 3-month-old daughters made them calm and happy. My wife and I are both greatly impressed by Caellyn!" - Lucian



“She really helped me a lot. I am so glad for her.”

— Annah

"We chose Caellyn as our birth doula for the birth of our second child. I had had a traumatic experience with a long labor and a C-section with my first baby, so I was nervous about how this birth would go. Caellyn approached us with compassion and an impressive wealth of knowledge. During our prenatal visits, she coached us on exercises and positions to do to optimize baby’s position. My labor began with back pain, indicating poor positioning and Caellyn gave us tools to encourage baby to turn. Labor ramped up quickly and Caellyn joined us right away. In the hospital she was professional and worked as a team with the clinicians. When I was discouraged at how long it was taking to push, she reminded me how this birth story was different, giving me energy to keep going. I was elated that I got to have a VBAC and Caellyn was a big part of that. Since the birth, she’s been available for support and comfort measures around tearing and postpartum recovery. I highly recommend using Caellyn as your doula!"



"Our birth story would not be the same without Caellyn. From the start she was so kind and made us feel so understood. She went above and beyond our expectations.

I had prodromal labor. Our birth journey lasted 4 days start to finish and Caellyn was there every step of the way! Thanks to Caellyn the unexpected didn't seem so scary. Our journey would have been so stressful without her. We were able to be 100% in the moment and focus on what mattered to us thanks to her because she took care of all of the details. She made me feel so strong and empowered during labor while giving my partner the space to do the same!

Our prenatal visits were helpful, informative and comforting. Our postnatal visits were helpful, encouraging and caring. She not only made sure to help us understand our baby better but she also helped my healing process with all of her support and knowledge.

We love Caellyn and are so grateful she was our doula!" - Damaris


"We had a wonderful experience working with Caellyn. This was our third birth, first time having a doula. Our past birth experiences had been difficult and one was very traumatic for us. We sought a positive, healing experience for this pregnancy and birth and Caellyn helped us achieve that. She provided love, support, and a sympathetic listening ear. When challenges arose or questions came up, she actively helped us brainstorm and consider different options we may have. She always supported whatever choices we made. I had a long early labor at home and another day of labor in hospital. Caellyn was 100% present and invested in being there for us. She truly became part of our family and played a huge part in my successful VBA2C. (vaginal birth after 2 previous ceseareans) She's been great in helping us process the whole experience and encouraging my postpartum healing process as well. I feel she went above and beyond for us and am so thankful to have had her on my team! " - Sara

“I especially appreciate her focus on maternal health, and the reminders to focus on my own health and recovery. She’ll be on the short list of people I call if we are blessed with another pregnancy – gotta have her on my team!”

— Esther

“I recommend Caellyn wholeheartedly to any woman or couple. We hope she will be our doula again in a few years when we think about having another little one!”

— Kathie

“Our experience with Caellyn was phenomenal and exceeded our expectations. We had interviewed a few doulas and immediately knew Caellyn was right for us with her warm, relaxed and nurturing sensibility. Leading up to labor she was very communicative and attentive, with a few home visits, and a visit with us to meet our midwife. She provided us with a bunch of resources, things to think about, and ways to get our minds right for the birth. And it really paid off. But what makes Caellyn so special is her work during labor. She was a rock for us, was there all day and night, going above and beyond with breathing techniques, massage, position changes, TENS unit, and keeping us fed and hydrated. When the going got tough, she helped us find our rhythm and breathing and really was a huge factor in a healthy childbirth. Even after the 21 hour labor she helped us get settled in, cleaned up the house and even made placenta prints for us. Throughout the whole experience she was capturing photos as well. I would absolutely recommend Caellyn to anyone who wants a warm, knowledgable, confident and loving professional by your side during labor. The investment paid itself off many times over.“ -Lou