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BIRTH SUPPORT                      Fee: $1200 - $1800

My birth doula fee includes the following services;  1-2 prenatal visits to establish our relationship and my role at your birth and prepare for the postpartum transition. Up to 5 weeks of continuous support and availability by phone or email (37 weeks gestation until birth). I will hold space and be actively present for the entire length of your labor, assist with postpartum bonding,  help establish the breast crawl, lactation and latch coaching,  provide birth photos when possible and then follow up with  2 postpartum visits to help your family transition and process your birth story.  


TENS UNIT RENTAL                Fee: $35

The Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Unit is an Obi TENS unit created with the pregnant laboring woman in mind. The  TENS Unit is controlled by the laboring mother and has two modes of delivering electrical stimulation, continuous and pulse. In the event you would like to utilize this tool, your health care provider will need to sign a consent form. 



PLACENTA ENCAPSULATION*        Fee: $200-250

Placentophagy is a valuable resource for many families. This practice is said to aid with the shift of hormones and energies in the postpartum period. While the research is underway, mothers who have taken their encapsulated placenta have said they have experienced more balanced moods, increased energy and milk supply, less anxiety, speedier recovery and decreased feelings of sadness. 

I took  my training through Carrie Kenner at Big Belly Services and encapsulate according to Traditional Chinese Medicine Technique. I am BBP certified in accordance with the OSHA Blood Borne Pathogens Standards and also hold my SERVESafe Food Safety Management training and stay current with a Washington State Food Worker Standards. 

The number of encapsulated pills produced for each client varies depending on the size of the placenta. In addition to encapsulation, I also create a placenta print and a cord keepsake  for the family, at no additional cost, provided the cord is long enough to do so and those items are desired.

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There is little research on the practice, though MANA stats have shown that there are no risks or side effects to the practice.

Placenta Benefits International has developed a research team to learn more about the benefits and affects of placentophagy. There are a few articles of studies posted there.


Placenta in Lore and Legend

Many Cultures Revere the Placenta.

Like all things birth and family, placentophagy is a personal choice

PLACENTA TINCTURE*          Fee: $75

Placenta tinctures are made from a piece of the placenta and 100% organic 100 proof vodka. This natural remedy can be helpful during postpartum recovery, stressful transitions, PMS, menopause and can also be used as lifelong homeopathic remedy for your child. 

Contact Caellyn here to arrange placenta encapsulation services.

*PLEASE NOTE: HIABS placenta encapsulation services and the information on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA. The services I offer are not clinical, pharmaceutical or meant to prevent, treat or diagnose any disease, illness or symptoms.   Families who choose to utilize the services on this page take full responsibility for using the remedies at their own risk.


NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY           Fee: $600

Please slip on over to Molasses Moment, my photography dream realm, for a little taste of my professional portfolio. I am a formally trained photographer with experience in studio and event photography.  This offering is a sit down family portrait session with the new babe to capture all those fresh wrinkles and grimaces. Sessions last less than an hour.  Edited digital prints included. 



The postpartum time is a sacred time for the new family. The needs of a postpartum mother vary, but cultures throughout humanity carry on similar traditions: restoring heat to the mother through nourishing foods and ceremonies,  a period of rest to restore and heal the body and birth processing ceremonies. I find that much of this work and systems of support need to be established before birth, by implementing self-care rituals and stocking the home with easily accessible  and digestible nourishment. This is preventative care. 

During our 2 hour prenatal consultation, we will get acquainted with your needs and  plan for what is appropriate for your schedule, family and situation. 



I learned this root medicine from my training with Rachelle Garcia Seliga. Based on your story, we decide which of the nurturing  INNATE postpartum  traditions or rituals  are suitable for your needs as a postpartum person. Current manifestations of this support include: moxibustion ceremonies, rebozo closings, birth processing meditations, yoni steams, and coaching on nourishing foods and herbs that are easily digested, build blood and assist with lactation.  Sessions last 60-90 minutes. 




I consider myself an extension of yourself, seeking to accomplish tasks you may not have the energy to undertake and provide suggestions to baby’s schedule and needs.  Some folks find that their experience of childbirth and the transition to parenting can be made sweeter with a little extra help.  My experience working with newborns and families over the past 20 years provides insight to troubleshooting which of the  possible pathways is best for your family. I have experience with multiples, elimination communication,  attachment parenting, reflux, sleep strategies, the demands of large families and much more.  My goals are to bolster your confidence in your intuitive abilities and create solutions to the struggles of those first weeks as you and your family transition. Duties of Postpartum Support include meal prep and light housework, sharing knowledge of developmental stages of the newborn, newborn cues, lactation support, providing respite support, tips on postpartum healing and harmonizing the new family's dynamics, and lastly, birth processing.


A LA CARTE          Fee: $35/Hr  Daytime $40/Hr Overnight


THE DAYTIME MINI          Fee: $340

10 hours to use as you like, with a minimum of 3 hours per visit.


THE OVERNIGHT MINI          Fee: $310

8 hours per visit.


THE WELCOME HOME          Fee: $730

Includes the Innate Postpartum Consultation, preferably to be conducted prenatally and 18 hours of support to use as you like, 3 hour minimum per visit.  In most cases, the 18 hours spans over two months. Often parents see new challenges occur as their baby develops or as one partner goes back to work. I can be flexible with your needs, so you never feel pressured into using up your time in a few weeks. Unlimited texting with questions and concerns is included.


THE GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP          Fee: $800

Includes the Innate Postpartum Consultation, preferably to be conducted prenatally and 18 hours to be split over 2-3 nights (Either in 6 hour or 9 hour blocks). I tend to baby's needs through the night, waking you only to breastfeed. 



Includes the Innate Postpartum Consultation  preferably to be conducted prenatally and 20 hours of daytime support to use as you like, standard 3 hour minimum per visit. Unlimited texting support for questions and concerns. 2 Postpartum Rituals from Innate Postpartum Care Curriculum. 8 hours of nighttime support. 

Bulk Pkg 25 HRS OF SUPPORT Fee: $33/HR (only daytime)

Bulk Pkg 75 HRS OF SUPPORT Fee: $32/HR  (only daytime)