Happy New Year!

This year is only 11 days old and already a whirlwind! My 3rd birth this year made her debut last night! I always find it interesting how babies' birthdates play out because no matter how many weeks separate their due dates, they tend to bunch up around an event like the super moon. These most recent babes were so considerate to think to give their doula a little rest between each one's birthday. They all lined up beautifully within a few days of each other. A gentle introduction for me to the life of a full-time doula. 

The beginning of 2018 has been my launch date for working as a full-time doula after leaning towards this goal for the last four years. I couldn't be more excited and my heart couldn't be happier with this work. I spend my days waiting on babies, assisting new parents with little adjustments to make life sweeter and learning more from my peers and mentors in the field, like Carrie Kenner and Penny Simkin. These folks helped not only to create my profession but have also shared their tricks and tips for longevity and taught me so much about the process of birth itself. I have had the pleasure of assisting Penny Simkin this past year with her child birth education classes, which she has been teaching for OVER 50 YEARS. I think when you love what you do, you do it as long as you can. That is my New Year wish.  #lovewhatyoudoula #standingontheshouldersofgiants 



Here I am -- making my big debut on the world wide web.  I've been loving the colors this fall and  spending my time on a few gardening/home projects I want to complete before the ground freezes! It's been a very busy season with all these holiday babes making their own grand debut!